About training
We have been operating a tourist farm for over half a century. Corporate fruit tree management entities are rare nationwide, and even among them, it is rare to find one that specializes in tourist farms. We accept trainees under the following conditions.
[Training fee] none 【hotel】 can be (You will either share a room with other trainees or stay in an apartment in company housing.) 【meal】 Morning and evening: Please prepare your own meals. (1000 yen/day, rice and water will be provided.) Lunch: Meals will be provided at the cafe in the park. (Commercially available lunch boxes are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which are closed days) 【Training content】 Agricultural work/tourism support (The training content will be tailored to your wishes.) *If you have any other questions, please contact us.
how to apply
Please fill out the inquiry form below and press the send button. 1. Organization name (name) 2. Telephone number 3. Desired date and arrival time 4. Number of people 5. Desired training content
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