About inspection
We have been operating a tourist farm for over half a century. Corporate fruit tree management entities are rare nationwide, and even among them, it is rare to find one that specializes in tourist farms. We will talk about everything from failures to successes and DX in order to become the best tourist farm in Japan.
Representative Director President
Shinichi Hirata
Representative Director, Managing Director
Mizuhiro Kato
Representative Director Managing Director
Junji Tanabe
One of the three of us will respond.
[About inspection fees] 10,000 yen for up to 5 people 5 people or more 10,000 yen for 5 people + 1,000 yen for each additional person 25 people or more 30,000 yen *If you apply for a meal at Hirata Tourist Farm, the observation training will be half price.
[Meal plan for groups] <BBQ plan> Hirata BBQ set 200 1,760 yen (tax included) *Meat, rice, and vegetables are included in the set.
See details of group BBQ
<Curry plan> Special curry for groups 1,980 yen (tax included)
See details of group curry plan
[How to make a reservation] Please fill out the inquiry form below and press the send button. *If you would like to participate in the observation training, please be sure to fill out 1 to 6 below. 1. Group name (name) 2. Telephone number 3. Desired date and arrival time 4. Number of people 5. Desired theme 6. Meal availability
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