To the Dutch Oven Forest welcome.
To the Dutch Oven Forest welcome
King of camping food, Dutch can be used! ?
King of camping food, Dutch can be used! ?
Step away from your daily life and find yourself in a quiet forest with sunlight filtering through the trees. Why not chop some wood, start a fire, and cook in a Dutch oven? We have a wide selection of carefully selected menu items that even those who are new to outdoor activities can enjoy.
Chopping wood, starting a fire, and cooking. You can easily enjoy the ultimate outdoor experience.
How to enjoy "Dutch Oven Forest"
Gather at Dutch Forest
In a corner of Hirata Tourist Farm, Outdoor experience area "Dutch Oven Forest". So, head into the woods for the ultimate outdoor experience. Let's get started!
Safe even for outdoor beginners! Lecture on “chopping firewood, starting a fire, and cooking” I will do it.
chop firewood
In the Dutch Oven Forest You will experience starting by starting a fire. Chopping firewood was a common practice in the past. Once you try it, you'll love how good it feels Some people seem to get addicted to it. Let's have fun moving our bodies while aiming for delicious food!
set fire
After chopping the wood, it's time to light the fire. Bonfires are said to have a healing effect on people. Of course I love cooking, but I also enjoy watching the fire. One fun.
in dutch Cook
Now it's time to start cooking! With a Dutch oven and the necessary ingredients It's easy to prepare because it's delivered to you. Of course, you can also bring your own ingredients! The food you make over your own fire is exquisite!
Booth usage fee
Table and chair set, firewood and wood-splitting tools set
1 booth (maximum 4 people/6 people including children)
*A complete set of cooking utensils and seasonings are also provided.
dutch oven menu
(Please choose one.)
2-3 servings
3-4 servings
Cheese dakgalbi
Beef Stew
whole roast chicken
roast pork & hasselback potatoes
hainan chicken rice
-Option menu-
Lots of cheese meat sauce pasta
new potatoes galette
of rosemary Focaccia
furifuri butter Pancakes (with farm jam)
shrimp and mushrooms Ajillo
Hawaiian style garlic shrimp
bonfire coffee 2 cups
¥1,100 *Tools are also included.
Guruguru Mori Bread
Approximately 2 bottles ¥990
Mestin cooked rice
2 cups ¥990
jumbo yakitori
4 bottles ¥2,200
【Reception time】 We will inform you from 10:30, so please complete the registration at the store by then. [Even for beginners] If you are unsure about chopping wood or starting a fire, we will give you a lecture. If you are interested, please contact the staff. [Safe even on rainy days] Please rest assured that on rainy days, you will be using a separate covered outdoor facility. [In case of cancellation] Please be sure to contact us by phone by the morning of the day before your reservation.
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